Floor Plan Royal Dragon

          The Royal Dragon Restaurant is decorated in Chinese atmosphere. Within the huge area of 20 rai,(8.35 acres), 10 rai is allocated to accommodate as many as 5,000 customers, the parking area is 6 rai capable of the accommodating of 200 cars. The remaining 4 rai is use for kitchens, offices, and employee living quarter.

          With great benefit of the huge area, Royal dragon restaurant can fulfill your need of space and room that suit to event. The inside of restaurant is air condition, while the outside is perfect for those who like natural fresh air. We have the reception rooms and Karaoke rooms for private event which can accommodate 10, 40, 50, 100, 150, 250, and 500 guesses. On the outdoor area we have terraces which can accommodate 100, 300, 500 guests and can smoke in this area.

          The most interesting of all is “Ten Thousand Years Tower” which is the ideal place to enjoy the scenic view of Bangkok. This high tower have 7 big floor. Each floor is accommodate 120 guests.



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Statistics from Guinness book world’s of records
Size of Restaurant (m2.)
Service area
Kitchen area
Office area
Parking area
Utility used in service
24,500 pieces
21,500 pieces
Forks and spoons
17,282 pairs
Number of employees
541 persons
322 persons
337 persons
1,000 persons
Other Statistics
Ability to serve customer a day
10,000 persons
Number of seats
5,000 seats
Ability to produce items of food per hour
3,000 items